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Hi, my name is Joe and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I have been a part of the ComfortSpec Team for some time now, and in that time, I have expanded my knowledge tremendously! I have inspected a wide variety of houses, like ranch style homes, cabins, colonials, Bi-Levels. No inspection is ever the same, but I am always prepared and ready to conquer the inspection! I come from a construction background, which goes hand and hand with the home inspection career I chose. In my time at ComfortSpec I have become certified in NACHI, and radon testing. Even though I love providing my clients with great knowledge on their potential homes, I still enjoy some time to myself and my personal life playing disc golf, and traveling!


Hi, my name is Vincent and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I joined the ComfortSpec team in early 2017 and have been expanding my knowledge ever since. I enjoy getting the job done right and being a reliable source to the company. Prior to my inspector position at ComfortSpec I was in the commercial, retail, and architectural design field. After striving in that field, I made the choice to become a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. After the long road I have traveled to get to ComfortSpec, I am content with my roll as an inspector and I look forward to inspecting many more houses in the future, providing everyone I meet with excellent service and knowledge!


Hi, my name is Aaron and I am a home inspector with ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I was lucky enough to join the ComfortSpec Team in 2017. My years of experience with new and old construction has given me the extra step ahead when it comes to inspecting homes. In my time with ComfortSpec I’ve become certified in NACHI and Radon Testing. In my spare time I enjoy doing handy work, keeping focus on my professional construction skills. When I am not busy inspecting homes, I enjoy hunting and fishing. I also enjoy finding a good trail and mountain biking!


Hi my name is Jose and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec. I was lucky enough to be recruited to the ComfortSpec team. My years of experience with the construction and home improvement field, have given me an extra advantage when inspecting homes. Working for ComfortSpec I have gained learning experience in the field, and have become certified as a NACHI inspector as well as with the DEP for radon testing. When not inspecting homes, I like to spend time with my daughters and fiancé as well as working on my cars.


As a home inspector for ComfortSpec, Chad has been able to bring many years of industry experience to the inspection process. Walking through properties with home buyers allows him to pass on this valuable knowledge and make a meaningful impact in our industry.


As a home inspector for ComfortSpec, Tyler has been able to meet a lot of new people. Every day is an adventure with opportunities to connect with new home buyers. In his own words, “It’s a privilege to be present at such an exciting moment in people’s lives!”


Matt has a background in construction and enjoys the variety of properties he encounters as an inspector with ComfortSpec. In his spare time Matt enjoys being outdoors and experiencing new music.


Gaspare oversees the ancillary services division. His extensive knowledge and attention to detail help him to thrive in our fast-paced industry. In his personal time, Gaspare enjoys the challenge of cooking with vegan ingredients and hiking in the great outdoors.


Krista has been our Client Care Coordinator Team Leader for seven years. She is the mother of a smart & sassy 5 year old named Gianna. They love working on crafts and puzzles together. In her own words, “Thanks to ComfortSpec I was able to buy my first home two years ago and I am now pursuing my real estate license. It’s so exciting for me to see where we began, where the company is now, and what the future holds! I’m so glad I made the decision to join the ComfortSpec Team!”


Kayla joined ComfortSpec in 2016. In her own words, “Being a Client Care Coordinator for  ComfortSpec has been nothing short of an adventure! This team has given me a chance to grow into the best version of myself. I am constantly learning new things and what’s better than helping a client during one of the most important purchases of their lives? Since working at ComfortSpec I was lucky enough to buy my first home. After I bought my first home, then came the dog! Lincoln, a Hungarian Vizsla who is attached to my hip. The generosity and support of the ComfortSpec Team helped allow me to become a certified Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I can’t wait to continue to grow with this company and watch all of our goals turn into reality!”


Erica brought Spanish Speaking services to ComfortSpec when she joined the team as a Client Care Coordinator. Her creative flair is evident in many of our marketing materials. Getting creative with makeup is one of her favorite pastimes. Quote of choice,“ No one is you, and that is your power.”


Jennifer is our Marketing Director. Her degree in graphic design bring powerful communication to our marketing materials. In her own words, “Joining the ComfortSpec team in 2018 allowed me to break away from my desk job and take a more active roll in marketing, events, and public representation. I love driving in the sunshine, on my way to meet new people and communities as we expand south towards Philadelphia.


Taylor is a member of our Client Care Team. She thrives in our industry’s busy atmosphere! Outdoor activities are her favorite, such as fishing, snowboarding, and walking her dog.


Rachel is a marketing representative. She gives presentations on a variety of topics to help realtors and clients learn more about the inspection process. When not working, she enjoys reading mystery novels and being outdoors.


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If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the certified home inspection, not only will we refund the inspection fee, we will also pay for another certified inspector of your choice.


If for any reason you don’t buy the home we are inspecting, the second inspection is $100.00 off within 45 days, when you’re working with same agent.


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