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Joe has been working with ComfortSpec since 2017 and enjoys inspecting all different types of houses. He loves that every inspection is different and is always ready to conquer any inspection he is met with. Joe has worked in the carpentry and construction fields for about 7 years and is trusted by our customers and his co-workers. When he was younger, he wanted to be a Singer and he loves seafood. His favorite pastime is playing disc golf with his friends, and he admires people that can swing with the punches and stay calm in the face of adversity!


Vinny is our amazing Director of Field Operations here at ComfortSpec. He joined our team in early 2017 and has expanded his knowledge in the field ever since joining! He was previously in the US Marine Corps where he learned how to manage his work ethic! Vinny has also worked with the Architectural Design Field for 15 years and oversaw all sorts of projects!  When he was younger, Vinny wanted to be a boxer since he was always around the gym! Vinny also acts as our Honorary IT Department since he has great skills with electronics and computers! He enjoys Googling Random Topics to learn new things when he is not working, and his favorite foods include Pizza and Cheese Steaks!


Jose is an asset to the ComfortSpec team and his years of experience in the Home Improvement field has given him an extra edge when inspecting homes. He used to own his own roofing business and has brought that knowledge to ComfortSpec! He enjoys working with other people who just as passionate as he is and wanted to run his own businesses when he was younger. When he isn’t inspecting homes, he enjoys spending time with his family and enjoying his favorite cuisine, Colombian!


Chad joined our ComfortSpec family after being in the construction field for 38 years! Through this experience, he has become very knowledgeable in problem solving, which helps him greatly when he is on an inspection! He loves investigating different aspects of the home when he is on an inspection and passing on his knowledge to our clients! Chad is also a master DJ for different types of ceremonies! He loves spending time with his children and would love to go surfing in Hawaii!


Matt has an Associate’s degree in new construction technology and has worked in building related trades for about 8 years! His favorite part of the home inspection is inspecting the exterior and the roof! When he was younger, he wanted to be a paleontologist. In Matt’s spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and he’s pretty good at bouldering! His favorite food is pizza, and he admires musicians and various music artists.


Bryan is always ready to help our clients understand their new homes! Before joining ComfortSpec, Bryan spent 5 years as a residential contractor. He learned many tricks of the trade and is very knowledgeable about residential homes! Bryan’s favorite part of the inspection process is educating buyers about the different functions of the home they are purchasing. His favorite food is surf and turf and his favorite color is Green!


Jeremy has been an amazing asset to our ComfortSpec Team! His dedication to his clients shows through any inspection that he completes! When inspecting, Jeremy’s favorite part of a home to inspect is the basement and he once found a cat hiding in the floor structure of a home! His favorite color is black and his dream vacation is to travel to Hawaii to swim in the crystal clear blue waters!


Krista is our Director of Office Operations and has been with The ComfortSpec Team since 2013. She is the mother of a smart & sassy little girl named Gianna. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and dog Roxy. In her own words, “Thanks to ComfortSpec I was able to buy my first home and have obtained my PA Real Estate license. It’s so exciting for me to see where we began, where the company is now, and what the future holds! I’m so glad I made the decision to join the ComfortSpec Team!”


Kayla joined ComfortSpec in 2016. In her own words, “Being a Client Care Coordinator for ComfortSpec has been nothing short of an adventure! This team has given me a chance to grow into the best version of myself. I am constantly learning new things and what’s better than helping a client during one of the most important purchases of their lives? Since working at ComfortSpec I was lucky enough to buy my first home. After I bought my first home, then came the dog! Lincoln, a Hungarian Vizsla who is attached to my hip. The generosity and support of the ComfortSpec Team helped allow me to become a certified Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I can’t wait to continue to grow with this company and watch all of our goals turn into reality!”


Angela is a member of our Marketing and Brand Development Team! She loves meeting new people and traveling all over Eastern Pennsylvania to spread the word about ComfortSpec’s great line of services. She also enjoys attending our Workshops that we offer to teach our clients about various topics! Angela loves the people she works with, and her favorite color is Purple! When she was younger, she wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare industry as a Nurse or a Doctor!


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If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the certified home inspection, not only will we refund the inspection fee, we will also pay for another certified inspector of your choice.


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