Meet Your Inspector


Hi, my name is Craig and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I’ve lived in the Poconos all my life, and graduated from Pocono Mountain East in 2005. During my education, I received a certificate in Carpentry from the Monroe County Career and Technical Institute. Before my time at ComfortSpec I did construction in the area for over 10 years. I have been a part of the ComfortSpec Team since early 2017, and have inspected a wide range of houses within my time at the company and I am now NACHI certified. Even though I love working and inspecting houses, I also love to take some time to myself and head to the golf course. Of course, when I’m not golfing or working, I am enjoying my time with my wife, three-year-old daughter, and new born son.


Hi, my name is Dan and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I have been inspecting homes for Comfortspec since early 2017. In my time at ComfortSpec I have inspected over three hundred homes. I’ve preformed inspections on a large variety of homes, including small modified homes, large lake front estates, and even multi family buildings and rental properties! I come from a background in construction, which I’ve strived within since 1986, designing, and renovating homes. I’m certified in a variety of things including, NACHI, fireplaces and stoves, moisture intrusion, HVAC, Electrical systems, and many more. Even though I love inspecting homes, I still manage to make free time to spend with my wife, two grown kids, and family. I have resided in New Jersey for 50 years, but come February 2018 I will be relocating myself and family to Long Pond, Pennsylvania.


Hi, my name is Joe and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I have been a part of the ComfortSpec Team for some time now, and in that time, I have expanded my knowledge tremendously! I have inspected a wide variety of houses, like ranch style homes, cabins, colonials, Bi-Levels. No inspection is ever the same, but I am always prepared and ready to conquer the inspection! I come from a construction background, which goes hand and hand with the home inspection career I chose. In my time at ComfortSpec I have become certified in NACHI, and radon testing. Even though I love providing my clients with great knowledge on their potential homes, I still enjoy some time to myself and my personal life playing disc golf, and traveling!


Hi, my name is Vincent and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I joined the ComfortSpec team in early 2017 and have been expanding my knowledge ever since. I enjoy getting the job done right and being a reliable source to the company. Prior to my inspector position at ComfortSpec I was in the commercial, retail, and architectural design field. After striving in that field, I made the choice to become a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. After the long road I have traveled to get to ComfortSpec, I am content with my roll as an inspector and I look forward to inspecting many more houses in the future, providing everyone I meet with excellent service and knowledge!


Hi, my name is Aaron and I am a home inspector with ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I was lucky enough to join the ComfortSpec Team in 2017. My years of experience with new and old construction has given me the extra step ahead when it comes to inspecting homes. In my time with ComfortSpec I’ve become certified in NACHI and Radon Testing. In my spare time I enjoy doing handy work, keeping focus on my professional construction skills. When I am not busy inspecting homes, I enjoy hunting and fishing. I also enjoy finding a good trail and mountain biking!