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A Simple Guide To Home Inspections

It’sIt’s natural for a seller to be concerned about what’s happening inside your house while you’re not there. But while you worry over whether the inspector will treat your house fairly, the buyer needs to know that the property they’ve agreed to purchase is in the condition that was represented. At Pro-Spec, we believe every […]

Home Owner Maintenance Tip Gutters

In homes with basements and crawl spaces, we always need to be concerned with water flow from the roof. An overflowing gutter will dump water next to the foundation and create a water leak into the crawl space or basement. In homes with concrete slabs, water next to the foundation can cause movement and cracking, […]

Quick tip to efficiently and cost effectively enjoy your home.

So you’ve got an unsightly stain on the driveway. Maybe it came from an old clunker parked there by family or friends. It could be a drip from your latest barbeque or a remnant from the windy day when the garbage can tipped over and left a greasy smudge. In any case, you want oil […]

Home Owner Maintenance Tip Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can be very dangerous resulting in fire or electrical shock. To test your electrical outlets, you’ll need a three-prong electrical outlet tester. These look like three-prong plugs with three little lights. These can be found at most any hardware store for only $10 or $15. Go room by room through the entire house, […]

Why Do I need a Home Inspection ???

Many people buying new homes have a false sense of security when it comes to the complete and proper construction of that home.  It has been my experience after many years of inspecting both new and resale properties that most people only obtain an inspection on a resale or used home. The thinking is this; […]


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If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the certified home inspection, not only will we refund the inspection fee, we will also pay for another certified inspector of your choice.


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